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I'm Rafael Nunes, full time software engineer and learner.

Working on empowering people to realise the full value of their skills at Airtasker.

Trying to share knowledge being a casual blog post writer & open sourcerer.

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The N+1 ProblemπŸ—’πŸŽž

ROROSyd | Online | 2/9/2021

Circuit Breaker em Ruby com CircuitboxπŸ—’πŸŽž

Circuit Breaker in Ruby with CircuitboxπŸ—’πŸŽž

ROROSyd | Online | 8/11/2020

Feature Flag approach with GraphQL, Apollo and ReactπŸ—’πŸŽž

GraphQL Sydney | Online | 6/18/2020

Why is using GraphQL being so good for our team?πŸ—’

GraphQL Recife | Recife, Brazil | 2/13/2019

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